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Originally Posted by anotherday View Post
This just upsets me so much.
The whole thing.
Now people are going to question how we can be fans of his and Jims, aren't they?
There have been people wondering how the hell one can be fan of Meat Loaf or Jim Steinman ever since Bat out of Hell was released.

I can't think of many artists I have followed so far who at one stage hasn't done something questionable, either a private matter I heard about or a blatant public political backing or statement I very much disagreed with. Literally the only one I can think of I never had a problem with was Roxette.

Since things are so polarised and toxic these days, and there is so much tribalism, I think this mostly private matter isn't a big concern to many people I would have thought. There are far bigger fish to fry with regards to celebrities and artists, what is said and done going by headlines and Twitter etc.

I'm sure there are still fans of Phil Spector. Look at what he did.

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