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To all who have t-shirt's/polo shirt's ordered !

the order will be ready at the printer's on thursday,all being well, Andy will be popping over the hill's to collect them over the weekend.
so they should be dispatched to you all next week.

There was however a slight missunderstanding over the tshirt order which has led the logo beng embroidered onto the t-shirt instad of being time is running out we have had to let ths run .
This is a more costly way of doing this but the printer is not going to charge us any more for it ,and it will proberbly make them look better

If i get chance i will try to post a couple of photo's of what they look like in the next couple of days

there are still a few t-shirt's/polo shirt's left ,if you ike what you see drop Andy K a pm .
All proceedes go to help keep this site running !!!

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