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Default Off Topic Guide & Popular Threads

Hi everyone .
Although I don't want to be too strict in moderation,please consider the following guide lines for the benifit of other users.

Postwhoring and general off topic chatting should be restricted to the Postwhores topic.Please stay on topic on other subjects.

Please do not reply to you're own posts.If you wish to add something to a post that has not been answered,use the edit function.If you're post has been answered,feel free to post again.

If you are having a conversation with one other member,consider continuing you're conversation via PM to keep the boards as clear as possible.Of course,if more than two people are talking,you are more than welcome to use the Postwhores topic.

As everywhere else on the forums,absoloutly NO flaming or personal attacks will be tolerated.If there is a problem,PM Diane,R. or myself.

Please note however, that we reserve the right to ban any user who compares any member of site staff to female hygene products such as lavender soap, floral body fragrance, or sanitary items.

I don't want to many rules.
More rules = less fun
But we do want this to be a friendly,welcoming and fun place for all our members
Thank you,and keep posting

edit to make this an announcement

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