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Default Look here for links to popular threads.

As duplicate threads are often started because the original thread cannot be found, here is a list of links to popular threads.
Please note that this is NOT a substitute for the search function, merely a direct link service for popular threads, and questions commonly asked.

The joke box. [Link]
And here
Heard a good joke lately?
Heard a bad joke lately?
Share it here.

Need help?

Feeling down? [Link]
Problems of the heart? Burnt your dinner? Want to share?
Then baby, your life is a lemon.
We can't give refunds, but Auntie Sin will listen to your problems over a nice cuppa tea here.
Alternatively, you can find some sort of therapy here.

Computer probs? [Link]
The big thing with flashing lights that is attatched to the TV that get's no channels giving you problems?
Was there a really big bang and a lot of smoke?

Are quantum physics theories invented just to really confuse everyone?
Ask Uncle Chris and Uncle Rob about all problems technical here.
If these guys can't help, I guess your screwed.

Getting to know you.

Who are you? [Link]
First time to the forum, or long time browser who's never got round to joining?
Come and introduce yourself in the New Members thread here.
Don't be nervous. We don't bite hard.
You're guarenteed a warm welcome.

What do we all look like? [Link]
Continued [Link]
Find out here.
Join in, but be warned, we will know if your posting pictures from the argos extras catolouge.

Wanna comment on what we look like? [Link]
As above, V2 is here Link
Stop laughing , compose yourself and be kind.

How old are we? [Link]
Part 2 Link
From brat's out of hell to Rock & Roll fogies we have them all here.
Only thing guarenteed is that they'll all stay Forever Young (god that's cheesy even by my standards )
Check it out here.
But remember two things.
1. Never expect Meat to give an accurate answer in this thread.
2. These change every year, although i'm sure there's been some editing.

Happy birthday to who? [Link]
When's it your birthday?
Share here, add it to the calendar and don't forget to book your party at the Bat & Belfry early.
These change every year.
These don't. Or at least shouldn't

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