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Originally Posted by ajf33 View Post
On the attack again on her twitter page, Don't know what her problem is now, but wish her and Meat would sort it out behind closed doors (That's if there is anything to actually sort, her accusations are very vague and scattered)
Is she trying to talk to me on there? (AndrewN) ? Or someone who happens to have same last initial in name? (G is a middle initial. N is the start of my last name and I assume Patti knows that).
I'm not even on Twitter anymore.

Some people seem to be invisible in the chats, can't follow what's going on.

Sent her a friend request ages ago on Facebook but she never accepted. I assumed she never wanted to talk.
Now I can see on Facebook she waved goodbye to Facebook.

Easier to just pick up the phone with people to settle disputes/answer questions I reckon.

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