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Originally Posted by nightinr View Post
Yep its almost like people are brainwashed and can't think for themselves.

For example some people said Bat 3 was best album ever and what a great job Desmond Child had done. Fast forward a few years and people make out Desmond Child is the devil. I personally thought Bat 3 was and is a good album. The only mistake they made was not having Blind as a Bat as the lead single.
The can't think for yourself criticism you point towards might be fair in a certain light. However I can also appreciate many fans simply side with Meat's feelings and thoughts at certain points on a forum merely to show affection and respect, like friends and family often would do. "Yeah you're right, sorry about that... I understand because... etc" I encourage independent thought too but I don't think trying to put opinions in such black and white categories would change things around here or elsewhere.

On Bat 3:
Just saw Bat 3 gets 4 1/2 stars on Amazon like most Meat Loaf albums do. For the vast majority of those who bought the album I think they reckoned it was pretty good.

I personally don't agree with Meat's opinions on Alive and much of his own criticisms of Bat 3. They are interesting back story insights. However the new tracks we got I think are mostly superb and it would have been a shame if they hadn't been recorded by Meat (Baab / Monster / Alive / What about love?)

I like the album except for the single choices indeed, the lack of piano in many places. Baab does it well, the Steinman songs don't. Bizarre. The production on the Steinman tracks are a bit meh in places. Seize the night could have been grander. The latin parts don't come across as dramatic as they could have been. I think Paul Crook's production on GATW is better for example. More fun and well thought out.

And then we almost come full circle. I also don't like the fact Bat 3 had so many guest appearances and that Patti was then dropped from two duets in favour of pop female singers which I believe was the reason she left the band in 2006 when she found out. Marion Raven was a bit forgettable in the end as pretty as she is and we never actually saw Jennifer Hudson I believe. Aspen Miller on tour seemed good but probably too early in her career to help Meat as effectively as Patti always did. Aspen seems to have retired. Hindsight is a great thing I guess but in the end losing Patti for all that other malarky was really not worth it. I'm glad Meat & Patti reconciled for the period between 08 and 13 and gave us tons more great shows together.

My memories of RAH are always linked to Meat performing almost solo somehow (never saw a 2007 show). 2008-2013 live memories are more about Meat with the NLE for me.

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