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Originally Posted by nightinr View Post
Yep its almost like people are brainwashed and can't think for themselves.
Not at all .. just some of us consider that continued speculation is pointless. Meat has maintained a professional silence for some years, so people's curiosity will not be satisfied .. and imo it's boring. To consider it pointless is not brainwashing; but to swallow one side of a situation in ignorance of the full picture is hardly cerebrally sound

For example some people said Bat 3 was best album ever and what a great job Desmond Child had done. Fast forward a few years and people make out Desmond Child is the devil. I personally thought Bat 3 was and is a good album. The only mistake they made was not having Blind as a Bat as the lead single.
Really? I loved Bat 3, said so then, still do. That Meat has since said the whole process was a bad experience for him is a shame, but does not diminish the end product at all imo.

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