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Default Would it be fun to speculate the new record?

Three weeks from today Mr Loaf and company begin recording. Great news! I thought it might be fun to speculate what we might expect.

Even though Meat has said they're recording a seven song EP, many artists record alot. And frankly Meat and NLE deliver like no one else. From the albums and the tours especially since 2006/2007 I've hoped they wouldn't stop recording. Little surprises like B sides and free single Prize Fight Lover is a fresh blast sounding almost like something from every decade of his career.
Of course like many would say I'm happy with however much he wishes to record whether its digital only or CD album, but I'm hoping for CD format.. and maybe they will do what they did with HCTB..
One disc of 10 songs or more and a second disc of the live music from the last 40 years. Hopefully nothing from the live albums that have already been released. I'd Lie For You from 1998 Hard Rock performance was great. I got the dimmest memory of them having recorded Heaven Can Wait and I'd Lie For You around the the time they recorded with the MSO in 2004.

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