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Originally Posted by rocketwaveuk View Post
Any one can see from the list what a diverse and talented artist and band ML is, and allways will be. With over 100 different tracks, not counting variations, we all have our fav and ones that seem to touch our souls. So let us be forever glad that we lived, we saw, and we listened to a living ledgend. . . . Oh yer , was 'oh what a beautiful morning ' on the list . track 2 from I'd lie for you , cd single Vscdg1563.
I agree wholehearted with that. I feel so lucky to be living at the same time as this wonderful talented man and to have been able to see him live in concert several times, and to have met him which has been the highlight of my life. I only recently found out about his version of Oh What A Beautiful Morning's existence, and just found it on ebay and snapped it up. And he sings it so beautifully too.

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