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Originally Posted by tonyloaf View Post
Its Eurovision tomorrow ..... anyone for a game of politics ??
Almost all Eastern European countries went through in the semis last night (6) with 4 Western European countries.

Because it is in Ukraine (joke winning song last year), Russia isn't in it this time because you know the idea of the show was set up because of 'ways of bringing together the countries of the EBU around a "light entertainment programme"' and that seems the best decision I guess.

But Australia of course still is in it. Since that was a one off that just ended up not being a one off and it's great we share that European border with them along with Israel.
I'm not sure why they still use the word European in the European Broadcast Union and not just change it to BU.

UK should setup the Commonwealth Songcontest and leave that Eurovision political charade when we are out of the EU. (Dead serious)

The UK won't do well I reckon, but they did have a few better contenders than the one that was chosen in my opinion. The song I think is weak.
Netherlands I think will do better but not according to the bookies.

It's a shame the fun and simplicity is long gone. I used to love watching the live orchestras. A music contest without live music seems bizarre. Terry Wogan was right. There is better live music being performed on Strictly come dancing, and that is a DANCE show. I don't get it why the world goes the way it goes.

Actually the commonwealth songcontest has been thought up already.

The Eurovision strapline this year "Celebrate diversity" seems stupid to me. If that is the case why do almost all countries send in English songs and want to be part of Eurovision and/or the EU, part of the reason they have ended up with the Russian controversy this year which really shouldn't be fought out on a TV show. Seems insane to me. Diversity is the opposite of uniformity (as in a union) surely.
The diversity part would make far more sense if countries were forced to sing in their native language, which I think really ought to be a requirement.

Used to love hearing French, German, Dutch, Italian and English songs all mixed together. Now it's just a fashionable mess and you can just as well swap the Norway entry with Ukraine etc. There are simply no cultural values attached to the event. I'm not saying the Dutch entry should come out in clogs but having different languages would make it more interesting for starters. My favourite entry/winner ever was in French.
Celebrate diversity seems to be the most fake promise that the show simply won't deliver on.
The show seems to suggest it is MORE social acceptable to be a bearded man in drag than a Greek, Ukrainian, Englishman/woman or someone from Turkey celebrating their own culture and languages. Sorry but no matter how much you ram this down my throat, when I visit Austria, it is because it is Austria and not because they have a bearded man in drag. I count only 2 non English winners over the last 25 years. That really should change. I think the show has been hijacked by social justice warriors to be honest and the political motivation to give points to an entry seems to be completely accepted by those. The inclusion of a 50% professional jury hasn't made any difference. The sort of jokes I've seen floating around by people who are gay I get (stuff about "this week don't contact any gay people since it is Eurovision week") etc. But at the same time I think they are doing themselves a disservice and sexuality shouldn't matter at all when it is a "song contest" surely.

Anyway, my two cents about the madness from a former Eurovision fan...

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