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Jaws 2

Well it was snowing and it was on Amazon Prime. Actually though, although it wasn't as good as the original, it was actually a decent attempt at a follow up with a largely plausible character based plot. The Chief is still watching out for the locals... the only one who is, it would seem... and starting to see sharks where there are none. This culminates in an incident at the beach where shots are fired and panic ensues, putting off the ever present and somewhat undefined investors the mayor is always showing around.

Anyhow it's not too big a spoiler to say while that time it wasn't a shark, one has been swimming around the bay nibbling people. Despite photographic evidence the town council fire the chief. Then a whale gets bitten by a shark. Then some kids get eaten. And off goes the ex chief to the rescue. His eventual method is somewhat ingenious actually and very ballsy.

Unfortunately to get there you have to put up with a lot of 70s hysterical screaming and the ludicrous sight of a shark attacking a helicopter. And winning.

So in many ways a very good follow up but with one or two elements that make it slightly hard work. Decent effort overall though.

I read the synopsis of the next 2 films. I won't be watching them.


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