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Originally Posted by MarkS View Post
I check in from time to time but I honestly thing we are on the tail end of things as I donít see recording or touring being likely at his point. Touring with Covid and variants coming and going may prove to not be a very fruitful endeavor. My hope is for maybe a few new songs here and there or perhaps some releases from soundboard collections over the years.
I'd love to see some soundboard releases. I don't know if it's something Meat has the resources for. I'd assume he definitely has a vault with all sorts of stuff in there but it'd be good to see him do something like what Marillion or Dream Theater have done and have some sort of official bootleg releases or smaller scale releases. Maybe a soundboard from each major tour and a B-Sides collection?

I do seem to remember a few years ago there were plans to release soundboards for the CHSIB tour but that seemed to come to nothing as well? Shame because I'd absolutely love a soundboard of the Newcastle concert from that time as it was my first Meat Loaf concert.

Of course I imagine the legalities of such things are a lot more complex than I give them credit for.
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