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Originally Posted by Evil Ernie View Post
This thread was started a long time ago.

How is this for a theory: ML is a great guy most of the time, but sometimes he's a jerk. Sounds like most people actually. I'm sure you don't believe that he's always an angel...

Nothing that Patti says is surprising or unrealistic. I've been a boss to many people over the years, most of whom I liked at some point. Some of them needed to be let go, and even though I think that it was the right decision in all cases I'm sure that they see things differently

I'm also a fairly nice guy most of the time, but sometimes I am a jerk. At times I will recognize this and apologize, other times I will not.

Maybe it was as simple as he didn't want to continue paying her. I'm sure that she probably made more than other members of the NLE.

IMO this was probably the best thing for her in the long run. She probably only has a few performing years left in her and she's been stagnant as the backup singer for ML. She should have left to be on her own years ago.

Plus, she was disrespected a lot in her time. She wasn't allowed to be in the ILFYATTT video and duets she should have been performing were given to mediocre other singers in an attempt to boost their own career. I can understand Jennifer Hudson to a point, but I don't get many of the others.
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