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Originally Posted by Evil Ernie View Post
This thread was started a long time ago.
I said start up again

How is this for a theory: ML is a great guy most of the time, but sometimes he's a jerk. Sounds like most people actually. I'm sure you don't believe that he's always an angel...
Of course he's not perfect, and is the first to admit this, and to apologise when he falls (sometimes when it's not really his failing, because he's a nice guy who doesn't like to be at odds with people). But this is not a theory I agree with regarding this situation. Again, your prerogative, but as you quoted me I will say I don't agree. I also have great respect for Meat's refusal to comment publicly on the reasons, despite many attempts by fans here to suggest many, usually critical of him. A mark of his professionalism imo.
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