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Originally Posted by evil nickname View Post
Anyway, I thought this was the complete list:

[*] Neverland Express Euro 82[*] World Tour 83[*] Monsters of Rock 1983[*] Bat Attitude Tour 1984[*] 20/20 World Tour 1987[*] Bat Out of Hell 10th Anniversary Special Edition Tour Book — Lost Boys & Golden Girls World Tour 1988[*] Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell[*] Everything Louder Tour[*] Born To Rock World Tour[*] Meat Loaf 99[*] Storytellers-tour 1999–2000[*] Night of the Proms 2001[*] Couldn't Have Said It Better[*] Hair of the Dog Tour 2005[*] Seize the Night 2007[*] Three Bats Tour[*] Hang Cool Tour

(the textual material of all but the last one are up on my website. the last one follows after the still pending redesign.)
Thanks for that!!!

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