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Default Karine Hannah - Renegade Angel

It looks like another album of Steinman songs is on the way. Does it make it a Holy Trinity of Steinman across 2016/2017?

The Father (Braver), The Son, (Hero), The Holy Ghost (Renegade - considering it was thought dead and buried long ago).

From the initial teaser note, Braver Than We Are will be on there (which I'm not surprised at), but considering there hasn't been an entire album of Jim's songs by a female since Pandora's Box, which other songs from the Meat/Bonnie/Pandora back catalogue would you want to see get an update?

It also said that two previous demos of Karine's would be on the album, which would mean three out of Safe Sex, Is Nothing Sacred or Making Love Out of Nothing At All.

Based on the recent Paradise Found show and such, I would also probably expect a duet with Tyce on Total Eclipse.
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