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Originally Posted by A Slice Of English View Post
I prefer Meat's versions of BFG and Left In The Dark. I really like Stark Raving Love and would love to hear a Meat version of it.
This is what messageboards are all about..opinions.

In this case I couldn't disagree more with "slice".

I hate hate hate HATE stark raving love!

And think meat's bad for good is too slow and the piano is awful, and although the wttn version of left in the dark has a better sounding vocal than jim's, it really lacks a lot of the passion for me, and also lacks almost all of the spoken part!

However meat completely owns frying pan.

For what it's worth, I find myself listening to dead ringer more then bad for good for two reasons, those being meats strained but still sometimes brilliant vocal ( read em and weep) and the iovine production. The production on read em and weep really stands the test of time even now, almost thirty years down the tracks. Especially the crisp sound of the drums, contrast that to the garbled sounds on bad for good if you will.
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