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I think that everyone needs to remember two points:
DEADRINGER came about after Meat got his voice back and Jim was already deep into the vocal work on BFG. Jim and Jimmy Iovine did all the production on the backing tracks. Meat and Stephen Galfas did the vocals and probably a bit more production.
Jim wanted DEADRINGER to sound nothing like BAT or BFG as it was direct competition for his own album.
Meat was right about BFG in when he said that he didn't want to do a second copy of BAT which really is all BFG is. There is no real musical difference especially when you compare the songs.
Bad for Good is an attempt at another Bat out of Hell
Lost boys is an attempt at another Heaven can wait, right down to the neverland references
Stark Raving Love is an attempt at All Revved Up
Dance in my pants is an attempt at Paradise

Two songs that really stand out were surfs up and out of the frying pan
Rock and roll dreams was supposed to be on Dead Ringer but was traded to Meat for the song Dead Ringer.

The second point is the vocals. Dead ringer's vocals are not great and Meat sounds a lot better on MATLAF. But Meat still manages to make the feelings come through for each song.
Steinman's vocals are so bad that even he couldn't handle some of the songs. Rory Dodd had to fill in. There are really only two songs on BFG that work for Steinman's vocals and they are BFG and Left in the Dark. The rest are iffy.
The only question that I have is will Meat ever release his original version of Rock and Roll Dreams, that he recorded for Dead Ringer but never used?
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