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They're both good albums. IMO, Bad for Good is probably a little bit better than Dead Ringer. The production was a lot better, and I think the guitar on parts of Dead Ringer (I'll Kill You If You Don't Come Back mostly) let it down. Love the second half of that song, the first half...neither here nor there. I want to here a Jim production of that one as much as I want to here certain other songs properly recorded and released.

Songs overall on Bad for Good were far superior to Dead Ringers (with the exception of Dance in My Pants). IMO (IMO), Dead Ringer only had one amazing, legendary, orgasmic songs, which was Read Em and Weep. Dead Ringer and Peel Out come close, while IKYIYDCB could have been right up with REAW if it had the right production.

In comparison, pretty much every song on Bad for Good was at the legendary standard (Surf's Up above and beyond that). Dance in My Pants let it down a little bit, as did the Lost Boys verse of Stark Raving Love, but, IMO, the rest was amazing.

Not knocking just how amazing Dead Ringer was, but Bad for Good was the better album. A combined album, with the best of each (Renegade Angel)...
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