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Default Bad For Good or Dead Ringer ?

Something which has bothered me for a long time ... given the fued between Steinman and Meat in 79/80/81 which led to two imperfect albums - Bad For Good and Dead Ringer - which do you prefer ?

Arguably Bad For Good has the best songs, as this was the original follow up to Bat Out Of Hell, and Meat was left with the second best songs when he walked away from this album.

However, despite Meat's vocal issues at the time, I much prefer Dead Ringer as the vocals are much better (at least its Meat throughout), and while it doesn't have the heights of Rock & Roll Dreams or Surfs Up, it doesn't have the depths of Dance In My Pants or Stark Raving Love.

While Bad For Good was largely re-recorded for Bat 2, Dead Ringer remains true to its time - a forgotten masterpiece - how underrated are songs such as I'll Kill You If You Don't Come Back or I'm Gonna Love Her For Both Of Us or even Peel Out or Everything Is Permitted ?

This is probably controversial - but what are forums for ... ?
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