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Originally Posted by jcmoorehead View Post
Oh wow, someone else here knows Avantasia! I still need to listen to the recent album but the one before, Ghostlights was fantastic, Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose was definitely Jim-like, which makes sense because Tobias did actually try to get Meat Loaf for it.
"Ghost in the Moon" is a 10 minute epic sort of like "Mystery of a Blood Red Rose" including a reference to it. "The Story Ain't Over" also delves into Jim territory. They aren't the lyrical masterpieces Jim writes, but the overall sound on those 3 songs is influenced heavily.

They tried to get Meat on "Mystery of a Blood Red Rose" but his management turned it down. Tobias is very open in discussing how Jim and Meat influences his music in several interviews.

If Jim were unavailable, I think the producers of those 3 songs could do a better job than Desmond Child did, but Desmond did a decent enough job for the most part.
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