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Originally Posted by PanicLord View Post
I have to say I have no issue with tribute acts. From memory I have seen a Madness one and an ABBA one and they were both excellent.

However Meat is so much more than just a singer or a performer. Meat creates MAGIC on that stage. There is something spine tingling and soul stirring about what he does that I think would be extraordinarily hard for any tribute to capture.

That's not to say I wouldn't enjoy a tribute. I'm sure I would.

But even most other live acts don't capture that same magic. Or maybe I should say just don't connect directly with my soul in the way Meat does.

Robbie Williams... great entertainer, fun sore, toe tapping tunes. But not that x factor (believe me I wish there was a better word for it!)

The Beach Boys... brilliant fun, stonking tunes, but they are just singers.

Jools Holland... amazing musicianship. But not that connection.

Interestingly enough the one performer who came damn close was Michael Ball. That man can sing and knows how to own a room.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I love hearing other people take on Steinman or Meat tunes as a tribute or a cover our whatever.

But Meat adds so much more to the performance that is hard to describe and extremely difficult to replicate.
regardless of how different meat is or not, tributes are all one and the same.
And should be respected as such
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