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Originally Posted by AndrewG View Post
I really don't think there is much appetite for new material if they try to do that under the associated Meat Loaf mantra.

Queen didn't seem to have much success with that route, a vastly more popular band with even more popular frontmen (over Caleb) - at least in my estimation- who replaced Freddie.

90% of the audience come for Bat, Paradise, Heaven, Two out of Three, Took The Words, Anything for Love and in the UK especially Dead Ringer For Love. Some, beyond the die hard fans may know Modern Girl, Frying Pan, Objects and Rock N Roll Dreams. That's about it I would have thought.
If the band didn't play those and did their own stuff I wouldn't like to see the reactions.

Even Meat had quite muted success with his later stuff during the shows don't forget. I remember everyone sitting during the 4 HCTB songs on that UK tour.

I WOULD like to see the band tackle Braver and one or two lesser known Meat songs, but really this would just be a die hard fan nugget at those shows I reckon.
I'll Kill You if you don't come back, Surf's Up, Dance in My Pants. Sure, I'd love that.

I really wouldn't want original material, sorry.
To each's own I guess
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