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Originally Posted by loaferman61 View Post
She released "Braver Than We Are" as a single and apparently dropped the project at least for now. Given the lack of quality of her version that is not a bad thing.

Karinne did not drop her project because of lack of quality. Her album was almost finished. From the few final tracks I heard it was well produced. She has an amazing voice.
The version of Braver that you heard may have been the demo that she did 13 years ago.
She dropped her project because of all the nastiness and negativity she received from Steinman fans, including death threats!!! She just did not want to deal with that level of insanity to release a project. It is sad and appalling that people will behave so shockingly bad and immaturely when they don't like like something. Resorting to death threats is deplorable and absolutely uncalled for.
The final versions hadn't even be released yet and people were hating on the small snippets that they had heard. They would not even attempt to give HER project a fair chance.
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