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Originally Posted by ThatWriterGuy View Post
(though it's still interesting to hear who DIDN'T like the track, and why).
Okay then. Beause you asked for it

For me there are so many issues with this song. Terrible terrible opener. As a song it is too carnavalesque and gives a complete wrong indication on the rest of the songs on the album.

Meat's vocals are weak. Another reason not to start with this song on the album. I wouldn't be surprised if this, as an opener, has influenced some of the harsh critiques the album got.

And sure, meat uses a charater for this song and the album. Doesn't mean I need to. I just want an album with good songs. This isn't the kind of music I like. And even if it fits a storyline/character theme, the song is too weird and out of place to me.

All in all I dislike this song and think that it's one of the worst two on this album.

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