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I had never heard this song before. I listened to this new album for the first time with no pre-conceptions, expectations or comparisons.

To me this is the perfect opening to a ground breaking album. The lyrics are strong and capture so well the bitter anger and frustration of youth in response to an older generation that seems resentful and jealous of what it has experienced, lost and wasted.

The vocals are in my view genius. It was only later it occurred to me that the almost operatic recitative delivery set the scene for just how far this work is from an album of songs. It was this track that instantly took me to a darkened theatre, a single figure standing to one side of a stage, lit by one soft spotlight, whilst on a screen set back and centre stage I saw images of those jealous older faces. It set me up to simply allow the whole to unfold before my eyes in one seamless musical pageant. And it was the opening song and the style Meat used that did that.

Sheer genius. My score is 10. (Only because I can't give it 15)
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