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Default Patti Russo, Meat Loaf & Andy Potter

Saw this pass by on the news today and thought it was worth sharing. Andy Potter from BBC Radio Derby interviewed Patti Russo during her 2014 UK April tour.
I remember it being a fun interview and many at the BBC were incredibly nice and helpful at the time to try to spread the word about Patti's shows as was Andy. He was apparently the first to play Patti Russo ("Where were you") on UK radio! Leaving Patti "no longer a virgin". (in her words!) He also played Is Nothing Sacred? And I'd Lie for You during the interview.

The presenter was on his own BBC Radio Derby channel today explaining why he had been absent and he has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer at just 55 and only has some months to live.

A short clip on the BBC website from the Potter-Patti interview is still available from here

The entire interview can be heard from here provided by Nikola / The Hungry Pony:
YouTube Video

I'm no longer on Twitter, nor part of any Patti Russo clubs but I wish Andy Potter my best. Perhaps this information will get to Patti too.

Andy also interviewed Meat Loaf in 2012 about the Guilty Pleasures DVD but I cannot find a record of this online beyond a listing on the BBC site (without clips).
Perhaps someone has a recording of this in their collection still.
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