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Originally Posted by ashkent7 View Post
I'm glad Jim liked parts - as he does say "many moments of brilliance" - but of Braver he said "masterpiece." Braver is a whole entity, Hero is moments that are genuinely awesome (I do love the introduction of Tyce's Braver, but then the rest doesn't seem to follow.) but for me they were just too fleeting. I agree with what's been said about its almost like trying to push too much...Tyce's voice is possibly overly powerful when it isn't always necessary. The majority of Bat is actually sung quite quietly, which I think is why the live acoustic tracks are so much better - the emotions shine through and there are more dynamics in those piano only tracks.
"Moments of Brilliance" from the master who penned the songs, i will take that all day long......and to be discussed within the same realm of meats braver???? i will also take that all day long
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