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Originally Posted by ashkent7 View Post
That leads back even further to the heading of a music magazine review of Couldn't Have Said It Better which was "It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Jim".
Couldn't disagree more with that. CHSIB has a few weak moments but several tracks are absolute perfected produced and sung masterpieces. Jim's influence and the tribute to his style are there for sure but it didn't need Steinman imo.
In fact I think Tyce should have gone into that direction rather sing old songs which I just never think can be improved by anyone. It's a bit like the Springsteen tribute stuff. Tons of people have done it and there are really impressive renditions but other than full tribute bands I can't think of anyone who has made an entire career out of singing Bruce's songs other than Bruce himself.

Regardless I hope Tyce makes the most of the opportunities and people enjoy his album but it's not for me after listening to the iTunes previews. Good luck to him and appreciate the effort by everyone involved.
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