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Greetings to all. Iíve been on this site for quite some time ( years) , albeit , with a username that is not recognized.
Itís me. Patti Russo....
Im not here to argue or defend myself. Iím here to only say that if you have a question to ask of me, allow me to answer them now that you know that Iím here.
Iíve seen a lot of comments here over the years..The internet makes us all a bit bold and we forget that we are all connected.
I donít believe Iíve ever been anything but gracious and humbled to any one of you over the many years that Iíve come to meet and know you all.
I am here now, in the open, to speak for myself, rather than not.
Thank you all and wish you all only the best, always.
Lotsa love Xxoo Patti
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