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Originally Posted by nightinr View Post
I have suggested Meat himself gets more involved again this idea was quashed.
I don't know who "quashed" it. You asked on the "What does 2018 hold for Meat Loaf.....?" thread in GM if I would suggest this to Meat. I simply declined and explained why.

I think Julie is right .. Meat is unlikely to be working for at least 6 months after his surgery this week, and even then he may not be doing anything very visible for a while. His work to date has been discussed pretty exhaustively as far as current members are concerned, and even if new members come on board for the rest of us it's hard to get excited discussing what we've discussed many times before. To reinvigorate discussion, topics like current events, sports, books, etc. might prove more stimulating .. perhaps more clearly identified than simply in threads in Off Topic (there was for eg a sub-forum for FIFA WORLD CUP Germany 2006) and perhaps lifted out of Off Topic completely and into a new forum with a more enticing title and placed immediately under the Meat Loaf forum? I'm just thinking of how to catch the eye of newer members as well as existing ones, and emphasise these areas of discussion.
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