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Default BTWA

There to is a theme to album , Jim and I went through every song , AS far as LYADJ, I love Bonnie but our Track kills the old one, which by the way Jim produced , he loves the new modern Version and my new arrangement of LYADJ . "what part Body", Jim wanted to do it , Sonenberg said we couldn't , Jim Gave Michael Cole the producer of the play the Album for his plane ride , he listened 3 times told Jim the Record is amazing , then ask " Why didn't you Do "What part of my body hurts the most " go figure!! Jim produced LYADJ for Bonnie ,I didn't know he produced , when he said I think that is a very good idea (it goes with the story line ) I said "well that production sucked" , then Jim said I Produced that song , That is called foot in mouth , but he laughed . Jimmy loves the new version and will tell you so You can pick apart the record all you want . I know how great this record is and so does Jim !!! It's like 1977 all over again !! Every one hated Bat ... Nothing changes everything Stays the same !! Some of those titles you listed are not even real songs !!
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