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R. 15 Feb 2005 20:46

Shopping Mall - Guidelines
Welcome to our shopping area, please read our additional guidelines before posting.
  • Do not link to auctions, spam, or marketing schemes.
  • Absolutely no advertising of sites, job opportunities, services, etc.
  • You are not allowed to post offers to items that are illegal to sell.
    This includes (and is not limited to) pirated software, stolen goods, mp3 and mpg/avi collections, bootlegs, etc.
  • This Shopping Mall is for personal buying, requesting, and selling. It is not for commercial buying and selling.
  • No selling of live products, eg animals etc.
  • Post real offers only. Don't fool around, this forum is for serious buyers and sellers.
  • When making your thread/topic, please use a descriptive title like For Sale, Request or Trade.
  • If you are selling or requesting an item in a specific region, please include this information in your thread/topic title, eg. For Sale (UK) .
  • Please do not bump your topic excessively. If no one has made an offer on what you are selling after a week, maybe think about changing the price.
  • No thread hijacking. If you would like to sell or request an item, make a new thread. Do not "add" your item to another member's thread.
Thanks and Happy Shopping!

These guidelines are subject to be changed anytime.

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