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RSG 20 Dec 2021 06:51

Would it be fun to speculate the new record?
Three weeks from today Mr Loaf and company begin recording. Great news! I thought it might be fun to speculate what we might expect.

Even though Meat has said they're recording a seven song EP, many artists record alot. And frankly Meat and NLE deliver like no one else. From the albums and the tours especially since 2006/2007 I've hoped they wouldn't stop recording. Little surprises like B sides and free single Prize Fight Lover is a fresh blast sounding almost like something from every decade of his career.
Of course like many would say I'm happy with however much he wishes to record whether its digital only or CD album, but I'm hoping for CD format.. and maybe they will do what they did with HCTB..
One disc of 10 songs or more and a second disc of the live music from the last 40 years. Hopefully nothing from the live albums that have already been released. I'd Lie For You from 1998 Hard Rock performance was great. I got the dimmest memory of them having recorded Heaven Can Wait and I'd Lie For You around the the time they recorded with the MSO in 2004.

Wario 20 Dec 2021 08:07

heaven can wait and lie for you w the mso are indeed a thing yes. hcw was on the mso cd, lie for you the bside to cry over me i think and on a special second dvd w a photo reel

proctorloaf 28 Dec 2021 10:35

Obviously we are getting Body, there is a rumour that Meat is recording a Dolly Parton song that she has written for him and there were discarded songs from the Braver sessions, there was a Bobby Benson track which we didn't see when Jim was able to provide songs for an entire album. Of the songs that Jim has written and Meat is yet to record, I'd love to hear We're Still the Children including as many collaborators from the NLE as possible - archive stuff from Alan Merrill, Wells Kelly and Bob Kulick would be a really lovely touch. I'd love to hear You've Got to Love me with the Sun in your Eyes (although I think the song would be better recorded by Harry Styles) I also think it's about time Meat took the plunge and gave us his Total Eclipse (with Bonnie on the Turn Arounds), Milady/For Sarah and Making Love out of Nothing at All.

I also want Hot Holidays - but I always want more...

Happy New Year folks

letsgotoofar 28 Dec 2021 17:08

From what Meat has said previously, "Body," "Sun in Your Eyes," and "Safe Sex" (can't remember if he said this was a duet or not, but I think he did?) are at least three of the seven contenders.

RSG 29 Dec 2021 04:16

Before Hang Cool album had any twitter updates or an album cover Mr. Loaf had said something relating to Mr Hugh Laurie and recording a song called 'The Halleujah Song'. Also around that time after the twitter videos started surfacing he had also said something relating to John finishing a drum track to something titled 'Nothing To Lose'. And after Hell In A Handbasket was released, an artie online had he had said someyhing about recording a christmas record and had 8 so gs for a party record.

RSG 29 Dec 2021 06:17


RSG 03 Jan 2022 03:22

Can't picture Safe Sex being recorded differently. Than again the same was said about IACBTMN by Celine Dion and Pandora's Box. Maybe if they do record itbit could jus be an mp3 single, similar to what they did with Prize Fight Lover; the Rob Cavallo sessions. 16 songs was great but its too bad we couldn't have got another full album from them. A title like Bull In A China Shop is too good not to use. And songs like Madness, Peace on Earth, Prize Fight Loved, Elvis In Vegas would've made another strong album.. Hang Cool Teddy Bear 2, or another new rock n roll adventure. Include a few music videos and a few more for HCTB. Aside from Los Angeloser I don't remember any others.

RSG 03 Jan 2022 23:53

Maybe Scott Ian and Paul might come up with as something as edgy as Song of Madness. Land of The Pig, to name a few.I'm really rooting for Meat to do a full album. Many artists record abunch, but no one really records Meat's style. Double CD and a third live CD might be dreaming, but if you don't go over the top, you won't see whats on the other side?

proctorloaf 05 Jan 2022 13:41

Do we know if recording has started as planned? APW?

RSG 06 Jan 2022 14:52

Considering the new recording plans were announced on facebook, I would jus review his facebook from time to time. Maybe he'll startup youtube/twitter again. 24 hours having only just passed I imagine it's too early to post any announcement. I myself was gonna return to the forum in a couple months to hear any news relating to the EP.
I'm one of those convinced that modern social media can stifle a recording process. The Hang Cool Teddy Bear sessions was the exception though I'd say. That album turned out glorious. I'm hoping this one would have some of that modern rock glory with Braver Than We Are, but produced with attention to detail as say, Hell In A Handbasket.
Imagine if BTWA had that strength of 'Fall From Grace' Fall From Grace was the better production, BTWA had the better songs in my opinion.

proctorloaf 09 Jan 2022 03:23

Some members speak directly to Meat and Meat very occasionally posts here. (Although not for years!)

eltmatt 21 Jan 2022 12:05

I'm guessing work never started on this :(

AndrewG 21 Jan 2022 13:43


Originally Posted by eltmatt (Post 625150)
I'm guessing work never started on this :(

Meat Loaf posted on November 22nd last year:


Originally Posted by Meat Loaf
Recording.... Yes Yes Yes!!!!
On or about January 4th, we are in the studio. Playing live, rehearsing live, recording all Basic Tracks on a 24 track analog recorder (old school).

Once all tracks, some overdubs and MY VOCALS are (almost done)

Maybe his vocals were almost done. You can interpret this many ways I guess.

eltmatt 21 Jan 2022 14:42

It would be bittersweet if he managed to record at least a few new songs in the final weeks of his life.

aks650 21 Jan 2022 16:42

To be honest I canít see it.. unfortunately I think this is the untimely end.
Such a sad day!

eltmatt 22 Jan 2022 13:22

I guess it depends how long he was ill for

Jayd 22 Jan 2022 21:43

If anything, I would love to have heard Meat record What Part of My Body Hurts the Most, I would take this single song right now and be happy to hear his voice!!!

MarkS 22 Jan 2022 21:51

Unless he recorded vocals ahead of time then we are likely out of luck. But I do hope I’m wrong

Evil One 22 Jan 2022 22:12

Meat recorded vocals for What Part Of My Body Hurts The Most for Bat 3.

Jayd 22 Jan 2022 22:25


Originally Posted by Evil One (Post 625207)
Meat recorded vocals for What Part Of My Body Hurts The Most for Bat 3.

I would love to hear the finished article. I am sure we are going to see something in the future, unheard demos, unreleased live material etc

jcmoorehead 22 Jan 2022 23:38

There was someone on BBC news this morning when they were talking about Meat who mentioned he was due to go back into the studio this month but the sessions didn't happen?

aks650 23 Jan 2022 01:05

He was due to go into recording on (or around) the 4th January according to his Facebook update in November.
I hazard a guess that this didnít happen, therefore it would be unlikely any new recordings would exist. I do hope I am wrong though, it would be lovely to hear what he had planned

eltmatt 25 Jan 2022 21:58

One would hope theres demos/live material/unreleased stuff coming our way at some point, I feel compared to other legacy artists of as similar stature he has really been MIA from a lot of stuff that could make big £

eltmatt 15 Feb 2022 16:25

I watched the interview podcast thing with Paul Crook, he was asked about new music and rather disappointingly said there is no new music at all, (there was a curious pause for thought before he answered which was strange), but taken on face value that means the planned recording sessions for early January didn't take place I assume due to Meat's ill health.

He did however say there are Bat demos and live soundboard recordings he has worked on however he wasn't sure if they'd ever see the light of day.

letsgotoofar 15 Feb 2022 17:19

It's not that curious. They're all on a video call with different connections and speeds, and so there is some delay (much like a live newscast "in the field" taking a second to answer the people in the studio). My guess is he probably finished hearing the question and then answered in what seemed like a normal amount of time on his end. Alternatively, he could also have been struggling with how "new music" was defined exactly, since he did go on to elaborate about the demos and board tapes, which could technically be considered new because a mass audience hasn't heard them yet.

aks650 16 Feb 2022 07:29

I took it as there is no new music as in nothing recorded.. BAT Demos would be dependent on legal issues and board tapes Paul had been working on, and would finish them and hand over to Meats estateÖ

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