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The Flying Mouse 04 Dec 2003 10:52

Meat Loaf's Acting C.V.
:twisted: Hi folks.
I though it was high time we had a quick view list of Meat's acting career.

If you know of anything Meat has featured on that is not on this list (or can fill any gaps of information), please PM me and i'll add the info (i'll make sure you get a mention :wink: ).


Anything I have in my own collection will be highlighted in bold
I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have on them :wink: .

The Flying Mouse 04 Dec 2003 10:54


A Tekerolantos Naploja - Hungarian Film
A Hole In One (Billy) 2004
Americathon (Oaklahoma Roy Bunditz) - 1979
Ballard Of Lucy Whipple (Amos "Rattlesnake Jake" Frogge)
Black Dog (Red) - 1998
Black Top
Chapter Two (Baseball Player)
Crazy In Alabama (Sheriff John Doggett) - 1999
Dead Ringer (Himself/Marvin) - 1982
Extreame Dating
Face To Face (Driver) No release date as yet.
Fight Club (Robert "Big Bob" Paulson - 1999
Focus (Fred)
Formula One (Himself) - 1985
Gun Shy (Lew Collins) - 1998
Leap Of Faith (Hoover) - 1992
Learning Curves (Timmons) 2003
Motorama (Vern) - 1992
Out Of Bounds (Gil) - 1986
Outside Ozona (Floyd Bibbs) - 1999
[b] Roadie (Travis W. Redfish) - 1980 [b]
Scavenger Hunt (Scum) - 1979
Spice World (Dennis) - 1997
State Fair (Boy In Stand)
The 51st State (The Lizard) - 2001
The Gun In Betty Lou's Handbag (Larry) - 1992
The Mighty (Iggy) - 1998
The Park (Bummer)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Eddie) - 1975
The Salton Sea
The Squeeze (Titus) - 1987
Trapped (Jim Hankins) - 2002
Wayne's World (Tiny) - 1992
Wishcraft (Detective Sparky Shaw) - 2001

The Flying Mouse 04 Dec 2003 11:30


Dead Man's Gun Aaron Freemont)
Everything That Rises (Red) 1998
Lightning Force (Richard Talbot)
Monsters (Dr. Willard Wingate)
Nash Bridges (Charlie Papp)
Rebellious Jukebox (Tex)
Tales From The Crypt (Chumley)
The Equaliser (Sugarfly)
The Odd Couple (Bum)
The Outer Limits (Col. Augustine Devine)
To Catch A Yeti (Big Jake Grizzly)
Vandemonium (Piglet)

The Flying Mouse 04 Dec 2003 11:34


Hair (Ulysses S. Grant)
National Lampoons Show (Vignettes)
Rockabye Hamlet (Priest)
The Rocky Horror Show (Eddie/Dr. Scott)

Off Broadway
As You Like It (Amiens)
Black And White (Various Roles)
Carmen (Dallas Civic Opera Chorus)
Gold Miner (The Digger)
Jean Harlow & Billy The Kid (Billy The Kid)
Kleinhoff Deamonstrates Tonight (John Hooper)
More Than You Deserve (Perrigrine/Rabbit)
Othello (Roderigo)
Rainbow In New York (Buddha)
Silver Queen (at Cafe' La Moma)
The Bad Seed (Col. Penmark)
Vietnam Progect (Kitch)

The Flying Mouse 04 Dec 2003 11:43

:twisted: Thanks to...

The Meat Loaf UK Fan Club.

For suplying information to this database :D

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