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RSG 12 Dec 2021 06:29

Meat Loaf story..
Before I had joined this forum roughly twenty years ago.. CHSIB was being promoted. I was playing the bat 1 and 2 records almost every week. Usually with the lights out and received dead ringer for christmas. had found vh1 storytellers the CD and bad attitude round that same time.
These CDs I played regularly and made many searches for more recordings the sir known as Meat Loaf had recorded. So basically from 2002 to today in 2021 everytime I would look for blind before i stop.. was nowhere to be found. And just before I had given up looking, Now almost twenty years later I have found the album, perfect condition on vinyl. Am playing side 2 as I writing this thread. And with another album being recorded next January.. I just had to share these Meat Loaf storys. Didn't know wheee to post them. Just starting to play a song that's called "Special Girl" .. what a time to be a Mr. Loaf fan.

Evil One 13 Dec 2021 20:33

20 years of excitement and anticipation over listening to Special Girl :lol:

AndrewG 14 Dec 2021 11:30

Did you check Discogs before?

Seems a relatively easy album to get. I'm guessing there are usually some options here in CAD.

Glad you got it eventually anyway.

RSG 15 Dec 2021 05:19

Perhaps some stories gonna be posted soon?

RSG 15 Dec 2021 06:39

Maybe they'll record We're Still The Children?

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