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R. 30 Aug 2006 19:54

RSS newsfeed changes ...
Instead of simply collecting the feeds (as of now it's just one, from and displaying them on the frontpage, feed items are now stored in a forum and every feed item has it's own thread.

  • New feed items show up as new, unread posts.
  • You can post comments for a limited time.

Of course, all feed items collected today will pop up as new posts for you once, even if they are a few days or weeks old.

Pudding 31 Aug 2006 01:58

It seems that if we want to talk about a news article we have to do it on .net, is that right?

Pud :twisted:

R. 31 Aug 2006 19:08


Originally Posted by Pudding (Post 255094)
It seems that if we want to talk about a news article we have to do it on .net, is that right?

Pud :twisted:

You have to visit .net in for reading a particular news item, because it's hosted there. The RSS part of the news item (first few lines normally) contains a link to the complete article on .net and gets posted as a new thread in the Newsfeeds forum so that you can post a comment to that item. As an example, the now cross-posted former Promotion Dates Announced thread could have been discussed there (and without the thread title criticism :bleh:). RSS threads will be closed after ten days automatically.

I think this approach to RSS feeds does make sense, because they pop up as new, unread posts. This way you actually recognise a change without scrolling on the frontpage while remembering which RSS news is new or not.

All registered users should have sufficient rights to post replies. However, you cannot start new threads in this area. Let me know if this does not work.

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