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12 Apr 2009 19:10 mszee
Tomorrow is Monday, much more toast can I be...that would be from mszee, of course...just in case...
12 Apr 2009 19:07 daveake
Watch out mszee or you'll be toast
12 Apr 2009 18:59 mszee
Jaysus it is...
12 Apr 2009 18:37 daveake
hello evil 1 yes they all like fried breakfast. one of them even likes black pudding and another even likes scrambled Egg. from dave
12 Apr 2009 18:34 Evil One
Hi RadioMaster. Evil One has not seen Breakfast Club either but Evil One does like a good fried breakfast from time to time. Does Dave's clay friends like to eat fried breakfasts Dave? From Evil One
12 Apr 2009 18:33 Lord Kagan
ah jaysus
12 Apr 2009 18:29 daveake
Quiet or you'll be back in the oven!!
12 Apr 2009 18:24 MeatGrl1
12 Apr 2009 18:14 daveake
hi radiomaster. i have made lots of friends. i make them from clay then i put them in the oven. they talk to me and keep me company and some of them even post on the internet. from dave
12 Apr 2009 18:11 RadioMaster
hi dave. sure id like to make friends. you see, i dont have any real friends, so i come to the internet. from radiomaster
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