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27 Nov 2009 08:46 Bubbles
it really is a shame
27 Nov 2009 08:46 Bubbles
nope as far as im concerned we dont have that. well, the word "ideology" has always a bad feeling here. not kidding
27 Nov 2009 01:33 Pudding
Wearing a poppy gives people a sense of being a part of history and proud of what their nation has done in battle, whether win or lose. I'm assuming with you being German there isn't that same sense of pride?. Which is a shame as Germany's a great country with great people.
26 Nov 2009 23:35 Bubbles
thanks:) dealing with that topic at uni, was just curious
26 Nov 2009 20:21 daveake
26 Nov 2009 20:11 Pudding
I donate money but I don't wear a poppy.
26 Nov 2009 19:14 Bubbles
is it obligatory?
26 Nov 2009 19:12 The Flying Mouse
Only up to remembrance day.
26 Nov 2009 19:08 Bubbles
do people actually waer the poppy symbol these days anymore?
25 Nov 2009 23:23 daveake
Was watching the BBC news at lunchtime today and the poor woman doing the sign language gave up trying to say "Cockermouth" after the third attempt.
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