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30 Nov 2009 14:20 tonyloaf
hey all
29 Nov 2009 00:49 duke knooby
sooooooooo cold
29 Nov 2009 00:37 duke knooby
let it snow let it snow let it snow
28 Nov 2009 21:28 RadioMaster
sorry, dont watch mtv
28 Nov 2009 18:30 daveake
Gone where??
28 Nov 2009 18:15 Evil One
Has everyone gone into the real world today? This place is very quiet.
27 Nov 2009 21:03 Bubbles
yeah, thats the point of my homework text as well
27 Nov 2009 21:01 Pudding
I think the message of wearing a poppy has been diluted by all the other 'wearing' days, pink ribbon for breast cancer, daffodil for cancer etc etc etc, its become a bit too much for people.
27 Nov 2009 20:00 Evil One
Years ago that might have been an issue. These days many people wouldn't give a shit. I wonder if in years to come people will know what it is they are supposed to be remembering?
27 Nov 2009 08:48 Bubbles
oh, something else: would you think someone who rejects wearing the poppy is a pacifist? would he get weird questions why he doesnt?
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