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05 Jun 2017 23:19 MeatGrl1
You last visited: 22.06.16 at 23:55
22 Feb 2017 00:56 stretch37
I'd love to hear Meat sing a record of covers with a few originals like Cash did. Even if he has to sit most of the time, <3 the voice
28 Sep 2016 03:45 letsgotoofar
See, all I get out of that is wanting to hear Meat sing it.
26 Sep 2016 15:45 anotherday
I don't get it either Stretch
25 Sep 2016 08:08 stretch37
I don't get it. When Cohen talks thru a song its ok but not Meat..
24 Sep 2016 23:30 Adje
No nothing went wrong. In fact, you shoud be grateful, before my last time travel this was called the Boris Moiseev UK Fanclub.
24 Sep 2016 19:04 AndrewG
Adje, я думаю, что что-то пошло не так с вашим временем путешествия!
23 Sep 2016 23:33 Adje
I had to. Fixed the Nixon era. Now he didn't bet Kennedy and start the Cuba War. Funny, as I am sure you won't remember but last time you wrote that line it was in Russian...
17 Sep 2016 14:49 AndrewG
Adje, are you using your time machine again?
17 Sep 2016 14:09 Adje
Hmmm why isn't my '3 days before Braver not showing up? I posted it yesterday. Oh well 2 days before the new album gets an UK and Europe release!!!
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