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24 Apr 2007, 15:49
Swiped from ballade.no (http://www.ballade.no/mic.nsf/doc/art2007042315034627458915)

Mid-May sees singer-songwriter Marion Raven heading out on an European tour in May and June with icon Meat Loaf.
Singer/songwriter Marion Raven, already a well-known name in her native Norway, will be touring the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Holland in May and June with US rock legend Meat Loaf. The duo entered the UK singles chart at number six in October last year with the duet 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now' taken from the rocker's latest album.

The song was taken from Meat Loaf's new album 'Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster is Loose' and is a rocked-up cover version of a song originally made famous by Canadian singer Celine Dion. “I've sung duets with everyone from Cher to Pavarotti. I had the opportunity to sing with Marion Raven on Bat Out of Hell III, for 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now,’” says Meat Loaf. “Marion can rock better than anyone I know, her voice is the perfect combination of raw emotion and heart felt intensity."

Like the pitch-black bird with which Marion Raven shares a name, the songs on 22-year old Norwegian-born singer/songwriter's debut album, not yet released in Europe, are dark, vengeful, mysterious, dangerous, but ultimately uplifting and cathartic.

Many of the songs, all of them written by Raven who plays both electric and acoustic guitar as well as piano, some in collaboration with others, are about heartbreak and disappointment, the result of a real-life relationship gone bad. “Marion Raven has the dark edge that Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson wish they had. I declare her the new Joan Jett of Rock and Roll,” states Scott Stevens of the Exies.

Raven is already an established name in Norway and a huge success in Japan where her album, 'Here I Am', debuted at number 6 on the charts and her single hit number 1. She is now making waves in the US not only having written with Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe, but also with Art Alexakis from Everclear and Keith Nelson from Buckcherry.

Listen to Marion Ravn tracks on her MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/marionraven) site.

Sapphire Lady
09 May 2007, 00:21
There's a full page article on Marion in the June issue of Classic Rock magazine if anyone's interested and a pic that will no doubt appeal to the gentlemen members of this forum :mrgreen:

Says she was conceived to the sound of Bat Out of Hell :shock: