View Full Version : Any spare tickets for NY in July?

16 Apr 2007, 14:07
I was just wondering if anyone has any tickets for the gigs at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden that were sposed to be on April 12/13th but are now July 18th/20th.

If there's anyone here that was going and now can't i'd be interested in buying two tickets for either of the shows.

Feel free to PM me.


16 Apr 2007, 14:30
I'd imagine there'll be an amount of people who can't make the new dates...perhaps contact the box office for the venue?? I know when CHSIB was rescheduled people we buying "returned" tickets from the box office that were better than the ones they originally had...

16 Apr 2007, 14:35
ticketmaster don't have anything up at the minute but that could be for exactly the reason you've just said

16 Apr 2007, 14:38
I saw some on ebay.com at the end of last week, no idea how good they were in terms of seats though.

(moving this thread to shopping mall)

23 Apr 2007, 14:53
Just a further appeal if anyone has 2 spare tickets for the Meat Loaf shows in MSG in July that I could buy from them.

I've seen a couple on Ebay but never know to trust their ticket sales.