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16 Apr 2003, 15:54
I'm really shocked, its not been promoted in over here... We'll I
have done a ~~~~ing good job promoting it so whatever the chart
position, its because of me.

It does piss me off though, I mean, he promoted 'The Very Best of...'
album to ~~~~ and the single off it went top ten and the album sold a
few million over here. He claims its the best album since 'Bat out of
hell' and he can't be ~~~~ed to try putting the album or singles
over. Anything outside the top 20 is a ~~~~ing disgrace.

Most Meat fans are album buyers and most won't even have a clue that
there is any new material out. Hopefully he will be on Top of the
Pops or something and that will boost sales...

Man, he needs to realise a good song simply won't just walk into the
charts theses days, you need to promote it and get it out to people...

I'm really ~~~~ed off!

This was posted on one of the message boards, i will not say by who or on which board, but i think any opinions about this will be appreciated. (I think he is talking about the U.K)

The Flying Mouse
16 Apr 2003, 15:58
:twisted: Hi Dick.
I read that too.NOT PROMOTED :evil: .Who is this clown.Meat has worked his butt off latley doing promo.He always gives 200%.

16 Apr 2003, 17:01
I'm in Dublin and the moment, and I've been phoning places both here and in Belfast and practically none of them even knew Meat had a single, never mind stocked it.

It took ages to actually find out that it was being "released" this week. And I'm stlll not sure of the Irish album release date.

In all fairness, it's not Meat's fault at all, sure he's been all over the place trying to promote the album. Look towards the record company for the problem.

16 Apr 2003, 17:36
Thanks sinecure for putting the record straight - I hope this wasn't my post that triggered this - But down south I think the promotion so far has been lacking in substance - Hopefully it will improve once we :roll: can all BUY the single/album

16 Apr 2003, 21:58
Don't worry about promotion. the promotion is allright. Isn't he everyday on that music channel? Doesn't he have big sponsors like ZDF? He gets al lot of airtime on radio and tv. Nothing wrong with promotion. And the fact that a silly recordstore in the middel of nowhere don't know about a new Meat, well who cares about that. :wink: It is just the distribution that's lacking. And within 2 or 3 weeks nobody will complain about that no more :D