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30 Jan 2002, 03:13
Does anybody know if "Live At Wembley" ,
released in 1987 was recorded at wembley
stadium or wembley arena ? the cover inlay
insists that it was recorded at the stadium
on March 1&2 , but the special edition single
"Gettin Away With Murder" says that Meat played at the arena on those dates. Does
Anybody know for sure which one it is ? and
roughly how many people attended the show ?

thanks very muchly

30 Jan 2002, 17:03
Hmm, are you talking about an album or video??? I have an album on vinyl called Meat Loaf live and I think that's from Wembley Arena, although I have another album - Rock and Roll Hero - and there's two lives tracks ( Paradise and Bat ) recorded at Wembley Stadium. If you're talking about a video then I'm fairly certain that it'll be Wembley arena


31 Jan 2002, 18:32
In the CD it says that it was recorded at the wembley stadium. So I think it is. And when you here the CD, you can here that it is probably recorded in the stadium. Also the life numbers on the Rock and Roll Hero album (and Prime Cuts and Masters) have been taken from the live at wembley album.


01 Feb 2002, 17:29
The album was actually recorded at the stadium , my friend attended the show and
I pretty sure he said it was the stadium.
He said there was alot of people their ,
10s of thousands of people , Meat played
for 2.7 hours and it was unbelievable !
My friend also attended the St. Austell
Coliseum show in December of 1987. Unfortunately I missed the wembley show.
But I saw the show at city hall .

16 Feb 2002, 19:13
This is kind of silly that I am replying to
my own message , but I have contacted a friend named K raven who owns the Alan Merrill site (Meat's guitar player during the concert) and he says that the album was
recorded at a Wembley Arena concert since it
was to cold to have an outside concert at
the stadium in March. He said it was 2 nights of soldout wembley shows . When listening to the applausing on the album ,
you can tell that the London , England
fans are die hard if they can make that small arena sellout 2 nights and make a crowd of 13,000 sound like 100,000.

If K Raven is correct about this , then
that means that the credit writers for
the album inlay have made a big error and
have confused many fans and other compilation inlay writers.

16 Feb 2002, 23:21
Why does everyone get confused between the two sites? I'm not talking about us group of fans, even artistes themelves get confused.

By the way, has Meat ever played Wembley Stadium? Not that he will be able to now, even though he and we could easily fill it.