View Full Version : Live CD on ebay - ending soon!

Loafy Meats
13 Feb 2007, 17:05
This is on ebay. Does anyone else have it? What do you think - is it a good concert?


13 Feb 2007, 17:23
I dont know it, but its from the Bat 2 era, which is one reason to buy it, and the other reason, it is with Jim as a guest, which sounds always great...

13 Feb 2007, 18:22
its on of the 1000000 93 NY live cds. Ive got this version:cool:

Moonlight shadow
13 Feb 2007, 18:57
Ive got this version:cool:

Me too.
At Houston theatre of NY.

13 Feb 2007, 21:03
One of many cds from Hudson theater 1993

16 Feb 2007, 03:43
And I've got a few of them lol