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The Flying Mouse
14 Apr 2003, 11:03
:twisted: Right,i've had another hair brained scheme (well we've got to keep R. busy :lol: ).
I've noticed that we seem to be getting quite a collection of links to shows,interviews ect.
Is it posible to have all the links put on one page somewhere?Not necersarily on the forums,maybe up by the calander,maybe on the home page :roll: .
Some pages are only up for a limited time,so is it posible to save those pages and leave them on the links page?
I think there would be a real benifit to have all the links under one roof.
Thoughts anyone? :mrgreen:

14 Apr 2003, 16:54
The idea is great. But i've checked the calender (just found it - how stupid can i be :lol: ) and there are a lot of links on.

Maybe a sticky topic is a better idea, and there you can put the things about interviews, etc.

The Flying Mouse
14 Apr 2003, 17:39
:twisted: Hi Tim.
The links on the calander are for forth coming events.
What I was sugesting as an archive where all the old links can be placed together for easy access.

14 Apr 2003, 18:30
Allright, it is an idea, but think of it:

were will you store it?? (our site??? :lol: )

And how will you manage that?

14 Apr 2003, 19:17
Post a sticky topic in the CHSIB forum ("Link Collector") and collect all links there!