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06 Dec 2006, 03:55
Hi Folks-

Since I vist this site often and witness firsthand the loyalty and dedication of Meat Loaf fans (I'm one of them!), figured I'd challenge ourselves to see if we can get Paul voted as "Best Rock Guitarist" in this year's Guitar Player magazine Annual Reader's Poll. The link to the page of the online survey is here...


Forward this to other Meat Loaf sites if you frequent/ post on them. With the thousands and thousands of fans worldwide who visit the popular Meat sites, perhaps we have a good chance of influencing the vote. I will be visiting other Meat sites as well as some Anthrax sites to try to drum up support.

Not only would this be great recognition for Paul as an artist (as his brother I would certainly enjoy helping give him a well deserved gift), it is a secondary way to add to the press/ publicity for Meat and Bat III ("Meat Loaf guitarist wins award, etc.")...more bang for the buck!

So if you feel like voting, Great and Thanks! If you don't feel like voting or don't feel he is the Best Rock Guitarist, no sweat. Just figured I'd ask.

Thanks so much to those who have supported Paul and have said such nice things about him on this site. He truly loves Meat, loves playing guitar for Meat and loves meeting you at shows.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Mark Crook

06 Dec 2006, 10:25
Stickied for a while, get those voting fingers out people :))

The Flying Mouse
06 Dec 2006, 12:02
:twisted: DONE, and well deserved.

As well as being one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, Paul is THE best axe man arround.

Good luck Paul :up:

06 Dec 2006, 12:36
Mabe I'm being a bit blonde but where's the poll thing:??:
I just can't seem to find it.

Paul is a great guy and when I met him he was so incredibly sweet and tolerant, he hung around for ages and so if you read this, THANKS.
Will vote when I know where to go:roll: ! LOL

06 Dec 2006, 12:48
For the blondes out there :))

Click the link Mark posted above.

Then click on the word NEXT which is just below the text that is beloew the words Guitar Player 2007 Readers Choice.

Then you're on Page 1 of 4, fill in anything you want to vote for there ...

Then click on Next to take you to page 2 ... scroll down a bit until you see Best Rock Guitarist, et voila :))

Click on next to take you to page 3, and then again to take you to pager 4 where you have to provide an email address to register your vote.

06 Dec 2006, 13:05
Done in every category.

06 Dec 2006, 13:23

06 Dec 2006, 13:28
All done! The very Best of luck to you Paul:-)

06 Dec 2006, 13:54

rock on Paul


06 Dec 2006, 14:49
Done x 3 ...


06 Dec 2006, 18:52

06 Dec 2006, 19:02
good luck Paul, hope you don't mind that i also voted for Randy :oops:

06 Dec 2006, 19:12
good luck Paul, hope you don't mind that i also voted for Randy :oops:

I voted for Randy on the Best Acoustic Guitarist.
Buy you's know how much I love Paul. So I obviously voted for him on all the rest :)

06 Dec 2006, 20:01
Done.. x 2 :)

Voted for Randy in a couple of appropriate catagories, and voted for Paul in all the rest, that suited him. :)

Good luck, Paul!! :))


06 Dec 2006, 20:40
Andy thanks for the instructions:))!

Consider my vote sent:))!

08 Dec 2006, 22:25

08 Dec 2006, 23:12
All done!!

09 Dec 2006, 00:48
voted ^_^
paul rocks!

keep it metal

09 Dec 2006, 02:56

09 Dec 2006, 04:42
Ok I like Paul Crooks Playing, But still love Mick Mars, Zach Wylde, Joe Perry, Jimi Hedrix, BB King, Slash, Chuck Berry.....So I got lots to chose from.... So how many is votes does Paul Crook got anyway? Still love the way he plaied BOOH motorcycle part on MSO, Think that was excellent.

09 Dec 2006, 21:58
Has anyone else voted for BatIII in the ferocious guitar album or whatever it was category?!:shock: :D

10 Dec 2006, 01:30
Has anyone else voted for BatIII in the ferocious guitar album or whatever it was category?!:shock: :D

Sure did... both times, I voted. :))


10 Dec 2006, 03:01
Okay! Bandwagon has been jumped on.

11 Feb 2009, 23:22

I thought this may be relevant, nothing really to with the contest tho :)

12 Feb 2009, 00:19
I cant vote as it says the the page cannot be displayed when I click on the link...

12 Feb 2009, 00:50
Siobhan...I made that mistake too to begin with...have a look at the date it was posted.

I can't view the youtube thing either tho...although admittedly that may be my old slow pc. it said it was loading for about half an hour when i decided not to wait any longer and closed the 'tab' in the browser window.

12 Feb 2009, 01:06
LOL thanks! I didn't even twig about the happy holidays bit!

12 Feb 2009, 10:57
The poll was some two years ago now, think we can let this thread slide ,...