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29 Nov 2006, 17:12
Found a neat piece on Meat's Touring Manager Bill Barclay (pictured above with Meat).
Interesting read on his progression through the years.
Even recount's the famous plane mishap at Manchester last year (in case you need a Meaty reason to check it out)

BILL BARCLAY (http://www.darrellmillar.com/roadcrewlive.htm)

29 Nov 2006, 17:24
Jo, that link only leads to a page giving links to photo's of the Broadway show ... which are great to see, but no mention of Bill.

29 Nov 2006, 17:31
This link (http://www.rocktography.info/) takes you to John Cavanaugh's home page ... with links then to the NY and Atlantic City show photo pages ...

29 Nov 2006, 17:43
Sorry Andy.....all fixed now. You're quite good to have around...and you can carry heavy things to boot! :lol:

BILL BARCLAY (http://www.darrellmillar.com/roadcrewlive.htm)

29 Nov 2006, 17:55
Nice to know I have my uses and they are appreciated :))

Nice little article that, thanks Jo!

29 Nov 2006, 18:56
Thanks, Jo.

That car from Bill reminds of someone we know from around here ;)

30 Nov 2006, 04:10
Thanks Jo, for this article on "Bill Barclay". :)) I've met Bill twice now, and think he's just the best, very friendly and approachable.. great guy. :))

Very interesting article about his life, the stories he could tell eh?? :))


30 Nov 2006, 13:44
I rememeber him - I noticed him walking out of the RAh stage door and getting into a flashy car with darkened glass :-)

Steven Steinman
30 Nov 2006, 14:26
I have met Bill and hes a great chap verry nice to chat with.


Sapphire Lady
30 Nov 2006, 16:56
Yes very interesting article. And he's Scottish :D