View Full Version : Patti!!!

White of High
09 Apr 2003, 20:30
I saw a new member to whom the name is Patti! Is she her???

White of High
09 Apr 2003, 20:58
Well, you have disappeared!
Hi "meatmadpat"!

09 Apr 2003, 21:54
There is more than just one girl with the name Patricia on this planet, right?
However - this is not the one you are thinking of.


09 Apr 2003, 21:54
I wondered the same thing when I saw her logged on this morning. I guess there are a million Patti's in the world, but you never know it could be our beloved Patti.


09 Apr 2003, 22:04
if your post does not show up immediately, please be patient. Double post deleted.

11 Apr 2003, 13:41
But when Patti is visiting this forum, what kind of nick will she have?

She can't take Patti as nick.

12 Apr 2003, 13:50
Don't know what her nickname will be, but i sure hope that she will ocme to this forum, she looks very nice to me!

Hope she will make her own CD in the near future.

12 Apr 2003, 14:00
I hope Pearl will also visiting this forum. She has a great voice on Man Of Steel.

So I hope she will also do a solo record.